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Where has the time gone? (Part 2)

It is once again that time where I bemoan all the months that have passed since my last blog post. True to character, it has again been 8 months! 8 months! I think along these 8 months, I’ve lost some … Continue reading

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Theory and Nostalgia

It’s almost the end of another semester and the nostalgic side of my being is catching up to me. While some people say they went to college to pursue their passion, I went to college to explore. Along the way, … Continue reading

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Favorite Martin Gardner Puzzles in Honor of 100th Birthday

I remember reading Gardner’s The Colossal Book of Mathematics in middle school. That and Theoni Pappas’s The Joy of Mathematics were the staples of my mathematical education during those years. I was introduced to Conway’s Game of Life, basic knot … Continue reading

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Summer reading and I’m not in high school…

I got distracted once again. But rest assured, the math and algorithms will come again eventually (just not right now). I’ve been reading Quiet by Susan Cain and one quote particularly stuck out to me, enough so that I’m making … Continue reading

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Think Before You Act: A (quick) recap of an interesting thought experiment (Part 1)

Thought is so powerful that we can use it to reveal aspects of reality that cannot be reached any other way. New scientist has inspired me to write another post based on a recent article they published about thought experiments. The … Continue reading

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