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Babai’s Updated Results–Graph Isomophism Still Solved in Quasipolynomial Time

Many days overdue on this post but I felt obligated to post this for posterity’s sake (even at woefully so late a time) because the previous post on my blog no longer holds. Laszlo Babai has (since 9 days ago…) … Continue reading

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Babai’s Result: Still a Breakthrough — Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

Even after today’s retraction of quasi-polynomial time for graph isomorphism László Babai is famous for many things, and has made many seminal contributions to complexity theory. Last year he claimed that Graph Isomorphism (GI) is in quasi-polynomial time. Today Laci … Continue reading

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Where has the time gone? (Part 2)

It is once again that time where I bemoan all the months that have passed since my last blog post. True to character, it has again been 8 months! 8 months! I think along these 8 months, I’ve lost some … Continue reading

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Where has the Time Gone?

Hello 2016! As WordPress politely informed me today, it’s been 8 months since my last post! 8 months! Where has the time gone? I would say I’m again making a New Year’s resolution to blog more, but it’s no longer … Continue reading

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Four Weddings And A Puzzle

Originally posted on Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP:
An unusual voting problem? “Four Weddings” is a reality based TV show that appears in America on the cable channel TLC. Yes a TV show: not a researcher, not…

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Paper and Puzzle a Day 8

Again, I’ve been slightly lax on posting a puzzle and paper a day. Here I am picking up the slack once again. First, a paper. I’ve been reading up on cache-oblivious algorithms recently. Cache-oblivious algorithms are optimal algorithms that do … Continue reading

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Paper and Puzzle a Day 7

I’ve been reading up more about hinged dissections and came across a shorter paper than the one I mentioned in my previous post. This paper proves that hinged dissections are PSPACE-hard using a reduction from NCL with some neat gadgets. … Continue reading

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