My name is Quanquan Liu, and I am currently pursuing a masters in theoretical computer science at MIT. The purpose of this blog is mainly to allow me to ramble about topics that might interest me in TCS (and other related things). Sometimes I post things that might be useful for others to read (see my more popular posts on Strong Duality and Slater’s Theorem and Nash Equilibrium in Game Theory). But sometimes I do not as evinced by my most popular post to date where I promised to get you to 256 with high probability using a simple JavaScript code you can copy and paste into your Chrome debugger. Alas, the code no longer works which is probably for the better (shame on all you cheaters who used it when it did work).

I hope you’ll enjoy these ramblings. At the core, I like simplicity and intuitive explanations so I will use these in abundance when I post. (Emphasis on I like, seek, strive for, live for simplicity.) However, sometimes I may feel the need to provide more rigorous proofs and explanations. And sometimes you have days when you really just want to write some equations.


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