Where has the time gone? (Part 2)

It is once again that time where I bemoan all the months that have passed since my last blog post. True to character, it has again been 8 months! 8 months! I think along these 8 months, I’ve lost some of my original motivation for starting this blog in the first place, which is wanting to share things I find interesting (mostly TCS but I swear I have other interests also). But here’s to bringing it back and here’s to introducing some new topics that are (*gasp*) not math! Here’s the intended changes for the new year, that will be soon upon us.

  1. More math! I just started being a PhD student…finally! With everyday bringing in more exciting topics and things I learn. So expect more rigor and more math. And hopefully still simplicity (or pseudo-simplicity…).
  2. What I’m reading. Here’s to experimenting something different. I’ve never really posted anything about what I’m currently reading. But I like to read. And I have opinions. And this is a blog. So these things seem to complement each other in ways I haven’t considered before. I’ve recently started reading Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People which I’ve heard mixed reviews about (mainly whether it offers more insight than what’s standardly known by people interested in this topic). I guess we’ll see what my opinions are shortly!
  3. Athletics. Music. Art. I have this unfortunate penchant for learning new things much more than mastering old subjects (which I’m also trying to be better at this new upcoming year…) Seems like resources I find helpful in learning said new subjects might be useful to other people. In this aspect, I’ve started learning the ukulele–maybe also guitar–so expect good ukulele tutorials from the web. Also, as I try to hone my very mediocre skills at the drums, piano, and viola–also expect things on these topics. Also, I’m trying out the bootcamp life (or pseudo-one-hour-long-bootcamp) so perhaps I’ll also post some exercise things.
  4. Life. Maybe I’ll talk a bit about life as a PhD student. And maybe thoughts about the process and the institution.
  5. MIT. It’s about time I write a bit (just a tad bit) about the place I’ve now spent close to 6 years at! And still loving every minute of it.

So now that I’m setting a goal to discuss all and everything that is interesting to me at the moment (and hopefully also interesting to you or you wouldn’t be here, would you?), I’ll hopefully be able to keep a more regular posting schedule. Here’s once again to a new year and a new blogging initiative!


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One Response to Where has the time gone? (Part 2)

  1. Interesting blog! I am glad that you keep bloging and this isn’t your last post)

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