Google Doodles

I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday clicking through the Rorschach doodle, while trying to determine if Google used a set of premade images or if the images were generated randomly by some algorithm. Having gone through the set of images and not seen an image that was repeated (except for three that were obviously not inkblots), I decided to do some googling.

While we’re on the subject of thought experiments and Google doodles, why don’t we stop and do a thought experiment on Google doodles. Let’s say that Google decides to use a more sophisticated set of machine learning and search (ha!) algorithms and their new “One Account. All of Google” feature. What would we have….?

  1. Maze day (a day dedicated to mazes of all kinds): Users can create their own 30 by 30 square maze by deciding to place edges along any of the sides of the 1 by 1 squares that make up the maze. Then, a tiny sprite would run through the maze you created. Using a simple breadth-first search allows the sprite to find its way through the maze. (Unless you didn’t leave an exit.) What’s even better perhaps is to see the sprite struggle to find its way through the maze. Running depth-first search would do the job.
  2. Mother’s Day: Upload a photo of your mother’s face as one of the O’s in Google using one of the current face recognition algorithms. The trickier part would be convincing users that Google is not keeping a record of all your mom’s faces.
  3. Valentine’s Day: Who doesn’t like personalized valentines? You’re already logged in to all of Google. Might as well make a valentine and send it to that special someone’s Google account. What’s better, that person’s Google logo will now become that valentine message. Of course, that could be a problem if your loved one never logs in. But, no, that shouldn’t be a problem because why would anyone not log in?
  4. Pi day: Have Google calculate the ___th digit of pi. Seeing that the most number of digits of pi calculated to date is 5 trillion, users should be more than satisfied with the result they get from the doodle. But then again, this could be a problem if a user types “Calculate the google-th digit of pi.” (Did no one ever tell you it’s spelled googol?)
  5. Sergey Brin’s birthday: Can we please, please get a montage of what Sergey sees through his Google glass?
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