Hello WordPress!

As an obligatory first post on WordPress, I debated whether to dive into a particular topic or gently ease into the blogging atmosphere. Apparently, I chose the later. However, the statement is not entirely accurate. I’ve made several anonymous blogs in the past so I am not entirely new to blogging. (Kudos to anyone who manages to track them down.) But, initiating a new blog is always somewhat intimidating. Ah, but I already digressed from the purpose of this blog.

I am a student of math and computer science. I like writing but not about unicorns, life, or anything that requires fabrication. So that basically leaves math, engineering, and science as my potential topics. What is my authority on these topics? None I may say besides an intense interest in these and other exercises of the mind (although I did dabble a bit in the conjunction between theoretical biology and applied math, see here). I can say that I have had brief experiences in working for various labs on campus, but whether these experiences are substantial in the sense of authority is debatable.

I launch this blog with no preconceptions and only with the intent that I may learn more.

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